It’s been quiet around here lately!


I have not forgotten about this project! Not at all! In fact it has been consuming my mind over the last 2 weeks. I have felt rather flat… I needed to rediscover my mojo and find some motivation!  And it has been an absolute struggle!  I won’t lie!


I have it now! Thank God!!! And have decided to kick start May with a little challenge of sorts! I have entered the Cape Town 12 OneRun. It’s on Sunday the 21st May! And the challenge goes something like this.


No obvious carbs

No obvious sugars

No alcohol


For 20 days!


I have weighed myself, I have taken measurements. I will do this again on day 20 and report back with cm lost and kgs lost! I absolutely need to have something to work towards and an “airy fairy lose weight, get fit” just does not cut it! Well, not for me at least! So this is a manageable chunk I think…


Come on!


Two ladies have signed on! Who is with me!?

You don’t need to report back, its not like that at all!!!  But if you think it will help you, please go ahead!!

Make note of your weight and measurements – and see for yourself!


Measurements I have taken are :


Left bicep (one hand space from the top of my shoulder)

Left thigh (one hands space from above the knee)

Bottom – widest part

Tummy – round the belly button

Boobs – around the nips!


I think you might be pleasantly surprised come May 21st!!


I have also made a commitment to myself and will be keeping a food diary! That way I am keeping myself accountable and the visual of what I am consuming has more meaning, it is a chore for sure! But I think it will pay off!



Right! I am ready to kick some lard to the curb!






Curvy Runner