52 Weeks ago I started the “#greenlistchallenge” in an attempt to get my head in the game!  Shortly after starting that, I watched a girls story on Instagram.  She was talking about it being “X” amount weeks till Christmas.  And how she was going to commit to good eating so that she could gift herself a healthier body for Christmas.  It was like the perfect plan…  and so the challenge had been set.

For me

By me

All the food

 I started keeping a written food diary which stopped and started over the weeks (I really should have stuck with it and counted my carbs properly!) I have been taking photographs of my food and reporting back every day! (well almost every day) and while the magic 20kg mark still  needs to be hit, I am over the moon!  Delighted and more! 


The gains over the last 52 weeks far out weigh my losses! And by that I mean the fact that I have stuck this out for 365 days is a win and  at 45 years old, I have am fitter than I have ever been in my life! I am running stronger, consistently and while I can say hand on heart, I don’t love-love the run… I forking love-love-love the feeling and accomplishment even after a “bad” run!  I feel healthier and more energetic.  I feel I have more patience (read – I lose my sh!t less often…) I generally sleep better and I have tweaked my eating habits by introducing intermittent fasting in week 34 (April 2018). 

The Bay to Bay 15km in January 2018

 I have been preaching about consistency and sustainability. And while I am the first to admit I am not a Banting/Keto purist, I totally believe this is the way forward for me.  I will slip every now and then consciously and processed foods and refined carbs will make their way into my body- I will suffer the consequences and that will be my own doing.  I am human and I  will not go without. This ol’ bird wants it all!!  I have enjoyed my  dark chocolate, gins and wine over the last year… and have managed to lose weight, I have been social and the balance for me, is far more important that losing that weight quickly. 

The finish line after our Peninsula 21Km run in Feb 2018

And while I know I could have lost more… how are these numbers?

Loss  as of August 2018 

  • 7cm lost around the top of my  left arm
  • 15,5cm lost on my left thigh
  • 7cm lost from my bottom
  • 11cm around my belly
  • 9,5cm from my boobs!
  • 8cm from my waist (only took this measurement in December!)

That is a total of 58cm – I am battling to get my head around that figure!


Sames jeans! August 2017 vs August 2018

I am trying my best to run consistently…. That Two Ocean Half Marathon is my nemesis!  I would love to complete that run with a proper genuine smile and I have feeling 2019 is my race!


So while I learn to embrace this familiar, yet changing body of mine, I find myself  a little more empowered, I am learning to accept things that are here to stay, the wobbly skin, stretch marks and dimples.  And learning about what I can change and whether some things are even worth changing – this little journey is far from over!

Face off! Somewhat happy vs forking delighted!

I have taken a nostalgic trip down memory lane and despite the dodgy photography, I  enjoyed seeing the progress made! The support has been outstanding and for that, dear Curvy Readers – I will be eternally grateful.


Curvy Runner