About Me, the Curvy Runner


I am Kelly and welcome to the “writings of this rambling mind of mine!”

The primary purpose of this blog is to keep me honest, give me responsibility and accountability and because I am a visual type, I need to SEE how I am doing.  Follow me on Instagram for my daily photographic food diary, Strava to see my activity.


To fully understand the magnitude of this, you need to know that I am 45 year old suburban Momma considered morbidly obese. I live in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Have 2 children that give my life meaning and add, in the most delightful ways, chaos, noise, love and laughter and just the right amount of madness! I have recently been put on blood pressure meds (wtf right?) I have (un)healthy relationship with food and exercise reluctantly!! Some things just have to change!!!

This journey is real! I don’t have paid coaches, dieticians etc.… the plan is to move, run, walk, hike my self fitter, follow a simple LCHF eating plan (low carb, high fat), as I know from past experience this is what works for me… provided I actually stay on course, and with support of friends and family, and a sh!t load of hard work, I will cross the finish line – Successful!

The next big challenge for me is to run a happy, comfortable OMTOM 2019!  I sat it out this year and it was a wicked kind of torture!  That must mean something right!?

I have incredible support from friends and family and especially my remarkable husband John.  I don’t need to look too far for inspiration – he was the ultimate couch potato and in a relatively short period of time has gone from zero to ultra marathon runner!


Oh.. and I am doing this FOR ME!



Curvy Runner