Dear Diary


It’s been an odd week I have to say!


There was the euphoria of finishing the grueling race, followed by Sunday and Monday muscle tightness and general laziness which I was totally expecting.

The children went back to school on Tuesday, which was lovely! Come on … we love them to bits but its good to get back in to routine too…


And then it hit me! Not to sound too dramatic and dark, but I just didn’t have the will to get out of bed and get dressed. If I didn’t know any better, I would think I was a little depressed! It is beyond bazaar! John is away on business, so I don’t sleep well when he isn’t home, so there is that. But I could literally spend the day in my PJ’s and just sleep! Not doze… but genuinely sleep like a dog! I am also thinking about going back to work! So I have applied on line to a couple of flexi/work from home type positions and bloody heck, the anxiety of waiting for people to just acknowledge your application is unbelievable!


But I have decided today is going to be different! I have put on real clothes – not just sweats and a t-shirt! I have a parent/teacher interview this morning, so I may even put lashings of mascara on! Ha! Having entered the FNB 12 One Run which is on Sunday the 21st of May, I now have my next race to work towards!  Check it out here….

I ran the first one in 2015 and it was so well organised and the atmosphere was fantastic! It is a relatively flat race with a little nasty hill in town. But I cannot compare it with Oceans at all!


So, the focus starting Monday is :

  • To continue running! Work towards a happy, pain free run come the 21st of May.
  • Continue with gym, I need to work on cross training, gently!
  • Sort out my chaotic eating plan!
  • Do proper measurements and hide the scale! I need to actually drop some lard if this running is going to continue properly with any success!
  • Get my head around running another 21km. Thinking the OutSurance Gun Run will be a good place to look!



So that’s is it!


Attitude adjusted!



Happy weekend all





Curvy Runner