Impromptu braais and too many glasses of bubbly often result in a late night,  this is what happened on Saturday! Sunday was a rather chilled affair, with a quick lunch at my favorite pizzeria in Westlake,  Col’Cacchio ( I had a salad, Coke Zero and water)  and an attempted snooze in the afternoon! Which did not happen!


A shocking nights sleep meant that I woke up this morning in dragon mode! I could think of a million reasons NOT to go and run, but since I am the self nominated “Ringmaster” of my very own circus… pffft!


Needless to say we all put in a good effort. I added an extra sneaky climb at the end of the 5km to bring our morning trot to just less that 7km. Which is rather respectable! I think!


And once I had hung up 2 loads of weekend washing, I fell back onto my bed feeling rather accomplished! “Work Out #1” for this week was completed. Darling Mel sent these words to me and made me smile!



Yes, I am absolutely glad the crew came out this morning. We were all glowing, red faced and out of breath! I sincerely hope that brings a deep, welcoming sleep tonight.



So these are todays the stats, I will be keeping my eyes on these, just to make sure that week on week we get some improvement.  The training is going to be a mixed bag, more hills (eeek)  and some speed work (more eeeks) needed to be added.  These, I am told will build strength…


We ran 6.9km, moving time was just under an hour! And average pace 7:59/km. We are getting there!


Curvy Runner