This little blog was started at the beginning of the year as a place for me to be held accountable, a safe place for me to record and share my way over the finish line for the Two Oceans Half Marathon! Something I never thought I would ever be able to achieve. This little place has become so much more important… and I am not going to get all misty eyed over the amazing support I have received… Just know that I am so grateful.

Memories… of not too long ago!

Finishing that race highlighted just how overweight I really am, the numbers are crazy but they ultimately don’t define me… I don’t have a “dream” weight, I am realistic ( and maybe a little too lazy! ha) and I don’t need to fit into a size 32.  What I do want is to run comfortably, I want to sit comfortably in my jeans without a roll of lard hanging over my zip. I want to be a good example to my children, especially my daughter, I want to put a pair of shorts on in summer and wear a sleeveless top without house feeling like a ship in full sail. And I don’ t know what “number” that is? Haven’t a clue. I have always said I want to be healthy not skinny, but this is a process and my weightloss/getfit journey is going to be a long one!

4 years ago!


Someone was telling a story the other day and it so resonated it with me. How many times have we started a “diet” (hate that word!!!) How many times…? How many times did we throw in the towel when it got tough or say “fuck it” when we didn’t get the results we expected. Oh me Gawd… Me Me Me… so many times… what if we just carried on… ??? The time, 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years… it all carries on… what if we just had just stuck to our plan… 2 months later where would we have been?… 2 years later?….


It made me think of the last time I was in the zone… I had lost 5kg… and then I let it slip and that was just a short time ago… And if I hadn’t…  I would have been a couple of kg’s lighter… my running would have been a little more easier.


I have to have a little challenge, a little target to work towards! That is how I stay motivated and focused, this  is how the #GreenlistChallenge was born.  And to make it a little more interesting, Christmas is a whole 16 weeks away TODAY!

That’s 16 Mondays!

16 Weigh in days!

More importantly thats  16 opportunities to get it right!

The result would be a fabulous Christmas gift to myself.

Now here is the thing, I know I am a slow loser! My fat loves to hang around, fat and I have tried to become friends in the past but I would really like the fat to go! So, as I start to move more, become more disciplined in my eating habits, the weight will begin to shift… those horrid little digits on the scale will drop … they will!

I want to loose around 15kgs for Christmas. I have already got in my “weightloss jar” and I am giving myself 16 weeks to drop 12.5kg…. lets see how well I do!

Food Diary

I started this #GreenlistChallenge on the 21st August and have been keeping a photographic food diary on Instagram… This is a visual way for me to keep myself in check!  My meals are always easy and  quick to prepare! And absolutely nothing fancy! I have a family of 5 I have to cook for, no one has time for creating “special” meals on busy days!









So that is my plan moving forward!

I am keen to hear if you have any similar targets… what do you want give to yourself this Christmas?  Hmmm?



Curvy Runner