Without getting too personal, this month has not been without its challenges. Some things I have left far too long and the results have been volcanic! It all seems to have blown up in my face!

So, feeling overwhelmed and my life kinda spinning out of control (not really… it’s just like that before I go to bed), I feel I had 2 choices really…

Option A: I could eat myself into a stupor, grab everything and anything and shove it down my throat!! This would have normally been the “go to” option, for many years!

But instead I decided to go with

Option B! :  Take control of the things I do have control over.

So with that in mind I set the #20DayChallenge. No obvious sugar, carbs and no alcohol.

 Keeping it Clean


Really! I have not had a drop of wine, not a sniff of gin! I even went out on a “Mums night” with my fabulous Giggling Gerties last week and drank a 1.5l bottle of sparkling water (in a wine glass, as you do) and finished off with a cappuccino with cream! All the other ladies devoured pizza and red wine. I can, with hand on heart say, it did not bother me at all. I would have loved a glass of red, but with all the chatter and belly laughs, I did not even think about! That is a win… I will happily step onto a podium for that!

I have been very aware of what I have been eating. Making sure I keep it clean and simple. I have not got into complicated recipes… who has time for all that!? If I have made a roast, I haven’t had the crispy potatoes, if it was cottage pie on the menu… I had the mince with broccoli and melted cheese, breakfast has been a steady 3 egg omelet with fried onion and cheese… and lunch usually a smoothie with some nuts to keep me going in the arvy!

And I discovered something, I call it “conscience eating” and there are two elements.

  1. Be present when you eat your meal. And obviously you are THERE… but what I mean is, put the phone down, switch the TV off… be aware of what is on your plate!   There are so many times I eat my breakfast and I haven’t even tasted the food, I am so distracted. I am sure the link between my belly, eyes and brain is faulty. With the result being that I am not satisfied, I still feel hungry! Not a winning situation at all!
  2. So many times I put a kiddies half eaten sandwich in my mouth and more… and not on “purpose” just because the stuff is there… Really!? I have treated my body like a rubbish bin for years! Now, where is the self respect!?

Look… the first week was hell! Moody and headachy … the bitch flag was flying high! But I was totally expecting that and I think I handled myself well! (don’t ask the kids or hubby though!)


Taking Control


Anyway, back to taking control, it has really been the most liberating thing I have done! I am sure you are now rolling your eyes! But it’s true. And it has had a knock on effect! I have taken control over other domestic things too… like sorting out our medical aid, which we have been chatting about for YEARS ! And did sweet FA about. We emptied out our storage unit… a box of memories that have been costing us money FOR YEARS! And finally, got stuck into our double garage, which has literally been stacked to the rafters with crates of goodies that have not seen the light of day in 8 years!

The result is a domestic worker with loads of household items she will use or sell on. A bus load of clothing, soft toys, linen and curtaining headed off to charity and 4 boxes of books that I have no space for, that will be sold and donated. Uncluttering my life! The house is next!


And the running?


And since this should be a blog about running, with all the pressure I have been feeling and finally getting back on the road … last Friday I had the happiest run for ages! Dammit man! While everything else around seems to be spinning out of control, it all clicked into place! My legs felt strong, my heart was glad! The birds were tweeting, the sun was shining … HA HA … you get my meaning!


I said to John last night, we might be going through some life changing stuff right now! But thank God, it’s so good! Makes me appreciate what we have and it’s all very fixable, it’s got me motivated and focused! Nothing wrong with that at all!


Now, to get through this week, so I can have a wicked 12km run on Sunday with some of my lovely crew! And then perhaps an ice cold G & T


Bring it on!





Curvy Runner