Monday the 21st of  August I started the #greenlistchallenge…. The idea was I wanted to gift myself a healthier me for Christmas, but not only that… the idea was that if I could commit to this for 19 weeks, then perhaps this might inspire and motivate ME to continue into the New Year!



Besides the fact that I am flucking fat and unhealthy?


Because I want to run easily and pain free… the memory of the 2017 Two Oceans Marathon still haunts me… and even though I won’t be running Two Oceans in 2018, I do hope to be back and running that horrible, hilly race again :). I hope to finish with a smile on my face… and I said I would do it only if I was a good 25-30kgs lighter! That is a gigantic amount of weight! I know this… but it has to be done. It won’t be quick…. But I am more determined now to get it done.

If not now .. then when? Right! And at the ripe age of 45 years old… I don’t have time to waste…


I have tried to be consistent with my food and my exercise. During the week I run Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Tuesday and Thursday are my walking days. Besides the obvious benefits it’s an amazing start to the day… regardless of how much I kick and scream when the alarm goes off!

  • I get to decompress with my fabulous crew (cheaper than therapy! And God knows I have probably needed that too)
  • It sets the tone for the rest of the day… knowing that I have put in the effort at the beginning of the day, I really don’t want to stuff it up during the course of the day… so I behave in a responsible manner – mostly!


Now, I have said this before, its not easy. And perhaps if you have never been in a position of needing to lose large amounts of weight, you might be rolling your eyes at me. Roll away sister… every time I put something in my mouth it is considered … whether it is a cheat or not, it is a decision I make! Most of the time I have got it right and sometimes I just go “fuck it”! Why? Because – I am human. I am a woman who loves food, I am a mom with a short temper and a wife that can be a hormonal bitch… And then sometimes the scale shows the results of those decisions and sometimes it mucks with my head and behaves badly… its been a rollercoaster – ABSOLUTELY! But if you just keep on going, the lard will fall! It has to! And it has! Slowly… but that is ok. And you know what else? My skin is better… my nails are growing (I even had a little manicure the other day for the first time in YEARS!) AND my running has improved! What a good result! #happy


So we have had Christmas, I agonized over the menu for weeks. It was roast lamb and pork, with roasted potatoes, green beans and tender broccoli stems in garlic butter and then pudding… naturally! And this was one meal I was happy to be a little more relaxed with… which has kinda spread out to be a week of relaxed (ish) eating….. I am keeping my eye on the scale. Fork!!!!  It is hard when there is so much good stuff around! But I am trying to keep a fair balance and I don’t want to feel like I am missing out! And honestly after losing 9kgs I thought I would be more focused! I better wind my neck in quick! Before this gets out of hand.

(Can someone just come and eat all the delicious crap in my house. Please and thank you!!)



Here the stats if you are interested

21 August – 30 December 2017

Currently weigh : 102kg

Completed : 41 Runs

Ran :   211 km



Year to date : 1 January – 30 December 2017

Starting weight : 114kg

Completed : 98 Runs

Ran : 540.5 km


I am totally chuffed with that. And this from a bird that weighs OVER 100kg’s!!!

Go on! What’s your excuse?

#GreenlistChallenge2018? Anyone else keen to push the comfort zone?

Next target 90kgs.


I want to get rid of these triple digits BIG TIME!

And while I am at it, thanks for all the fabulous positive vibes.  Much appreciated!


Curvy Runner