So we are 8 days in to my #20DayChallenge…. week 2!!  And last week was rather interesting!

A number of ladies join me on my little “challenge”. I would love to hear some feed back!!   Please drop me a line or two in the comments section below, let me know how you have been feeling?

Are you hungry?


Feeling flu like symptoms?

How are your energy levels?

What problems are you having, if any?

What has been the most difficult?

Any victories, no matter how small or insignificant you may think they are..? Share away!!!


I have actually been amazed at how easy it has been. I put this all down to mind set! I know that once I have decided on something – mind, body and soul – I can do anything! I also made a conscious decision to be a little unsociable this month (eeeek) … just till the race on the 21st May! So that I am not tempted by all the little snacks that you often find at social gatherings! It’s the little drinks that go along with the social gatherings, they get me every time! I am usually rubbish at saying no! So, I have just taken myself out of the equation really! John is also doing his last bit of training for the Comrades on the 4th June…. So I am sure the “clear” weekends are helping him a bit too!


We have all started running again, although it is slow, every one of my crew is feeling the time off, it really has not done us any favours! And now with the change of season, I fear I may lose some ladies to the snots! But those of us that are able… will carry on regardless.


I find that limiting the food and cutting back on carbs and sugars is making me think a little differently about food prep! Time to get a little (a lot) creative and plan! And now, with the chilly weather comes “winter dinners”, stews and soups and other comfort food! I am not going to be going with out, not at all… but I will leave the pasta’s, mashed potatoes and rice alone! Thank you very much!


Confession time


I have been cheating too… not the way you think… I have been hopping on the scale! I just CAN NOT help myself. And the numbers are moving in the right direction… slowly! And that is good! But I swear! If by day 20 I don’t see a change in the centimeters… I may very possibly cry!

We have become so used to immediate gratification… it’s a modern day evil I think! But losing weight and getting fit just has to be done the good, old fashioned way! So … we (I) need to work on these consistently and the goals will be reached slowly! Grrrrrr



Curvy Runner