Hello there!

It’s certainly been I while… Silly season has hit and I am all over the place!!!  Here are several things screaming around in my mind currently!

First of all… how sexy does my site look!  Thanks to the fabulous Mel Boender from Smartoctapus for spending your time on this little project.  Your effort, care and friendship transcends all tutus!!

Little Observations!

Something I have been doing lately is people watching… I have been an avid “people watcher” for such a long time.  I am the person that could sit happily in a coffee shop or restaurant and just observe. A little weird perhaps? I am happy to run with that too.  But here is the thing. I love to observe how people interact with each other. Standing in line at Seattle the other day – noticing who asked for cream vs almond milk… I even tried to guess the patrons orders before they got to the barista! I am a freak!! The small things hey!?

My most favourite observation of late, was watching a group of runners, clearly learning, some really struggling. I was walking my dogs with the kids one evening… and the group ran passed us.  I wanted to be their cheerleader. As the group ran passed me I shouted “well done” , “looking fabulous” and I hope in my heart of hearts that those ladies and gents knew that I was being sincere. There is nothing more difficult than going out and running. Especially if you have never been the athletic type. The bravery of these guys and girls with red, hot, sweaty faces… it is something magical! It really – really is!!!  If you are looking to do something about your health and fitness there are so many people around you that are willing to help, all you need to do is ask…There are local running clubs, and trust me… they are all too keen to share there knowledge and get you on the road!  And if that is not your jam, download the couch to 5km on your phone, grab a partner and hit the road.

And while I am here …

Healthy and Happy

I love this movement of “love the body you are in” and don’t think because I have been on a mission to lose weight I am anti “plus size”. That is not true at all. I believe you need to be happy in your skin. Regardless of how that presents. I am just so very pro “healthy and happy”. And I do believe “healthy” comes in all shapes and sizes! Why are we never satisfied with what we have? Why are we all so full shit!? Why are we so hard on ourselves?   From the grey hairs, to unfilled eyebrows, crows feet, mommy tummies and more…

I follow 2 gorgeous woman on Instagram (I follow many actually – but I want to bring these two up especially) Ashley Graham – there is no doubt that the is drop dead gorgeous… and she is most definitely plus size – but that does not mean she is unhealthy – she works hard, works out hard and yeah… she totally enjoys pizza too! Excellent!

And then there is Iskra – another looker with a bottom and boobs to boot! She also does so much to influence and encourage woman… I love that these successful girls have a huge platform and are using these platforms to spread the word that “bigger” does not necessarily mean unhealthy, to a new generation of hopefully happier more content women! But it’s one thing to look at these international success stories, quite another when we are looking for local girls, who are working hard – someone a suburban momma in her 40’s can look to for inspiration… so point me to the right direction?  Please…

There are some ladies that I have stubbled across and watching them on Instgram daily makes them feel oddly like an extension of my inner circle…

The Blessed Barrenness, Liezel Short, Sam Curley-Young to name just a few!

I really believe we have to look at “health” holistically too… I saw a head line recently that research shows a link between “Obesity and depression” daaaaaah!!!!


I have been plus sized most my adult life… I am sure I will always be classified plus sized! Who gives a flying fudge? Not me! But what I do care about is my health – I fancy the idea of being around for years to come, I do care about my husbands and my kids health too – and the way I speak about my body and the message I send my daughter in the process. I am no purist, we know this. My kids still have all the treats and I believe they totally should. But they need to appreciate balance… and that is the trickiest little bastard!



Where am I going with this all?

Getting to Christmas and all the food!

I don’t know really – just rambling… thinking “aloud”! Maybe because I am thinking about Christmas lunch and how that has always been a day of complete indulgence and over doing the food to the max! A smorgasbord really! And that is sending me into a little quiet panic. Because I have worked forking hard this year and I don’t want to lose momentum during the holiday – if anything I need to step it up.. but I still want to have a holiday! Holy shizzle flaming crab cakes… why does this all have to be so hard!!!  December 2017 I weighed in at 102 on Christmas day… I am hoping for a 89kgs this year!  That is what I am working towards… and any celebration in this house is done around a table of food. This is our way! ha ha ha … eeeeeek!!!

Are we the generation that teaches moderate behaviour? Don’t know if I can carry that torch!

Maybe I need to find some delicious new salad ideas, so that while we may feel like we are being super indulgent, we actually rocking gorgeous, healthy food… dressed up for the occasion?

And some puds too… hmmmm…. Let me think on that!

I shall report back!

and hey… you have any low carb, low sugar faves… let me know!  I am all to keen to try them out!

Take care


Curvy Runner