These are my ramblings right now!


 #20DayChallenge Results!


I am delighted… “pleased as punch” as they say in the classics!

Several people have said… “Gee, have you lost weight?” and I have been responding with a coy “sure have, but its going off so slowly”  Thinking that they know all too well my struggles!  But today I can confirm… 5kgs lard LOST!  NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN! And 12cm off… I shrunk a little!  Bloody Nora…

That’s 10 bricks of butter and I did this, well, by eating butter!   I have had the day or two to let that sink in and I am now more motivated than ever to get on with this journey!

I know that it will slow down, and right now I am ok with that… as long as it’s all moving in the right direction!


I will continue as I was, eggs for breakfast, smoothie for lunch, a handful of nuts for my afternoon “pick me up” and a dinner of meat and veg!  I will definitely be sticking to my “no obvious carbs and no obvious sugar” vibe.  I will have a sprinkling of booze in the up coming weeks with a family gathering next Sunday to celebrate a 70th birthday and then a rather tense weekend of competitive Comrades supporting!  A glass of wine will be needed the night before to settle my nerves…. and then after, I am sure a couple of beers will be sunk by the  husband runners and Mel and I will celebrate our bravery and the fact that we are the most awesome wives!  It has to be done!  And I know already that this will have a negative affect on the numbers!  It just will it is what it is! And I am ok with that!


FNB 12km OneRun


I am rolling my eyes hard now!  And maybe it is because I am a “social” runner and really don’t take these things SO seriously.  I know all to well, “give a person a platform to moan and complain, moan and complain they will do.”  The amount of backlash from small t-shirts, wrong seeding (unless you are a competitive speed demon, I don’t see the problem – we all got to start and we all got to run… the whole race!)  People starting in the wrong batches bla bla bla! 


We got there early… really early… we parked by the finish line, strolled through a urine smelling Grande Parade, got ushered quickly and rather efficiently onto a bus and got to a chilly Milnerton.  We queued for the loos, chatted with strangers, smells of coffee wafted through the air!  It was a colourful, happy, noisy, gorgeous morning and when we did eventually get going it was fab!  Silver lining/glass half full kind of thing peeps!



My aim for this race was to run a “smiley-happy” race! I am not sure if I smiled the whole way, but bloody hell there were times where I was almost giddy!  Oceans was excruciating for me!  And I was so over having that as my “last race memory”.  This was just a fraction of the way, but so pleased to say I had a fab time with my running buddies.  The lovely Melissa was in a league of her own on Sunday and jogged off into the distance enjoying her quicker pace!  Sharon, Jeremy and I ran a comfortable pace a little further back!  I was really pleased by the time we hit the city for a little shade!  It was getting hot in the sun!  And the Liquifruit at the finish line – nectar from the gods!  Ha!

You can not beat that view!!


Everyone I came across, from picking up of the race packs to the support along the way to grabbing my little medal, everyone was so friendly, so obliging and they all seemed to genuinely want to be there!  Such a good result for everyone involved!


Sharon, Jeremy and I! Happy runners!!

While I celebrate my life’s small victories of a little weight that has shifted and races completed I am very aware that life just carries on…


And instead of running this morning, as we normally would do, I am at the hospital, waiting for Granny Duck to have her cataract from her eye removed – Happy news and such a blessing!


Three people I know are in the throws of arranging funerals! 

One, as a result of a brutal murder.

Another for a loss to Cancer.

And another for a 96 year – a life well lived.


While I contemplate the pile of ironing I will need to do this afternoon, the studying my kids need to get through before exams, the leaky swimming pool, the dogs that need grooming, I am reminded that it’s Monday!  Tonight, as a family, we will choose our tunes on You Tube (Music Monday) and will have a silly 40 minutes or so before bed, I get to squeeze by babies hard,  I get to set the alarm for another morning and sleep soundly next to my husband!



I will do the best I can  today… OK!

I will count my blessings and send out good whammies for those that need love and support. 



Curvy Runner