I have had enough!


As you may be aware I have been battling with tight calf muscles or a feeling of “too short” calves. I know it seems rather bazaar! And no, I don’t think I have totally lost my mind!


This morning as I was on the road, running even slower than the previous days I decided that my self criticism is not getting me anywhere. I am brutal! Wish I could channel that all into a more positive, constructive motivator! Bottle it! Then sell it!


I digress! I need to actually do more for myself after my runs!

Everyone has said “S-T-R-E-T-C-H” after your run! And I may put in a half hearted attempt! Bloody hell… once I am home I need to get on with the morning, the washing ain’t gonna hang itself. I need to clear the kitchen, EAT BREAKFAST, throw back a coffee, shower and play Gummy Drop, catch up on Facebook, make beds, think about dinner….

These things all need to happen-  YES.? But I cannot carry on being so flucking pathetic!


So Google has been my companion this morning…


I have looked up a couple of stretches that need to be done, will look for hubby’s foam roller and work on these muscles of mine!


Along this with the stretching and rolling the muscles … this is what else I read.


  • Take a sip of pickle juice before a run – what the hell. That’s what someone suggested! For real!!!  Wonder what is in pickle juice. Will have a look-see!
  • Some people suggested stretching before the run. I am not a big fan of this, the muscles are cold and now you going to stretch them … eeek!
  • Hydrate! Drink fluids an hour before heading out. Wonder if tea counts? Probably not! But I can have a glass of water when I wake up, surely! Sounds easy enough.
  • Strengthen the calves but doing heel raises and stretching (got that)
  • Someone suggested avoid hills in the first part of your run… hmmmm would love to avoid hillsN  all together to be honest!
  • Dry Needling – done this…plenty of times!
  • Sports massage – done this, but honestly I cannot afford to keep going back, its a luxury and I have to keep some of the medical aid savings for the kids dentist!
  • And then… as you Google stuff, you come across stuff like this…


“A herniated disk in your low back can cause referred pain and muscle dysfunction in your calf and foot, including numbness and muscle cramps. DVT is a blood clot that can occur in your leg, reducing blood flow. Symptoms include muscle cramps, pain, swelling and possibly numbness…”


And then I remember the 5 times I had a numb foot and possible swelling… and and and…




But then I remember the pickle juice stuff! And here is why some “older” or experienced runners say it may work, – the liquid left in the pickle jar is incredibly salty and full of electrolytes! Really? Can’t we just have a Rehydrate? Tastes a lot better I would imagine!?



And that sounds a lot better than blood clots and such!




Curvy Runner