Grab a cup of tea – there are a few little bits that I would like to talk about.

  1. Dealing with demons
  2. Taking care of yourself
  3. My food choices
  4. Katavi Moisturizing Day Cream
  5. Keto Nutrition Fast Track


The last couple of months have been difficult and I do not want to  sound like I am drafting an invite for a “pity party, it’s not the case at all. It’s just my truth.

I have found that not eating all the comfort foods, which are my normal crutch when I feel blue was beyond frustrating. John has been working away (Monday – Friday) for months and I know that I am not the only one that has this situation and I know its not forever and flucking hell single parents – you are all amazing!! For real! This situation is just not my norm… and after a while the novelty wears thin. He is working exceptionally hard, long hours and conversations are limited. So when the kids go to bed and we usually have our “decompress” conversations, he is probably asleep too – and who wants to “bank” those type of chats for the weekend, when the time is already so limited. Although the first thing I said to him last  Friday was “seriously!! Did you have to tell the gardener to remove that plant…now there is a big fucking gapping hole and the wall looks like shit… you not here during the week – you don’t have to see it… what the fuck?” Winning wife move, not my best moment!  But that is what I felt at the time and it all came tumbling out my face!

Anyway, this is what has been happening… the kids go to bed, I would “treat” myself to a block or 4 of Lindt chocolate but the treat soon became a habit – which lead to sneaking one more treat in and so on. And then the weight slowly started going up…not by huge amounts but it was noticeable,  I had lost momentum. And sometimes it’s good to get a fright!

I had to have a constructive look at what was going on. I know where my triggers and my vulnerabilities are. Our life is not going to be changing any time soon, so I have to work in the parameters that are my daily life. Its not “hard” to know what I have to do, it’s just to find the courage to admit it, be honest with yourself (even harder) and realise that you are absolutely worth making that effort for!

Let me say that again….

Realise and know that you are absolutely worth making that effort for!

So I made 3 small changes

  • I stopped watching TV in the evening! This meant I was able to stop the nibbling and I am trying to get to bed earlier!
  • I also made some more of my green soup, summer it will be my spinach chicken salad… and boy I cannot wait for constant sunshine.
  • I also stopped making the kids sarmies for school.

Small changes for sure… but they bloody help!

I have a target of 80kgs… I don’t know if that is realistic for me. What I really want, is to fit into a size 14 pair of jeans… what that looks like on the scale is not important to me…. At all!

So I faced my demons (some of them at least) and I have a little plan in place. So far so good!

 Self Care

I have also been feeling really flat, not sick, just so tired and generally feeling a lack on interest in everything and anything! I started a vitamin B cocktail of injections… second one will be next week and I really hope this helps “lift” me a little!

Something else that was getting me down was my sore neck and shoulders, several years ago I battled with a slipped disc type injuring in my neck! It was incredibly sore and took physio and a neck brace and loads of patience to sort it. I could feel the stress in my shoulders – went for an agonizing massage but after a day or two I could feel the difference.

I have to keep on moving – although I have been feeling blue and generally “nafi”,  I have made sure that I am keeping up with moving.  If I miss out on my runs my mood goes from tolerable to unplayable!  I need to have a good sweat session!  So on the days I don’t run I will walk.. I have prattled on about this before, the benefits are amazing, get you sweating, heart pumping and therapy too!

Motto of the story – do what you need to do to feel better!

Even if you don’t feel like it!

No… especially if you don’t feel like it!

 Food Choices

I have been “Banting” or following a Keto way of eating for the last 58 weeks. I have always maintained that I am not a purist and there are always going to be blurred edges for me. This way of eating is a lifestyle choice and as such, has to be sustainable long term. So while I might have several meals that I go to often, they are easy to prepare, fill the gap and I find delicious!

If you have anything that you think I might be keen to try that is low carb… please give me a shout! Summer around the corner I am keen to try some new salads!

Something else I have to remind myself of, is the difference between being hungry and feeling empty… there is a difference and if you can identify between the two that is half the battle won!  I refuse to go hungry… but being empty is ok.


Katavi Moisturising Day Cream

I have been given the opportunity to try out some gorgeous skin care products from Katavi. And if you have been following me on Instagram you will know that I do genuinely love their products.

I am still using their Night Cream and this month I was gifted the Day Cream. I feel I need to remind you that I am not a beauty blogger – it may not seem obvious!! Ha!

But! I am a 45 year old mom, living a normal life with limited time like so many others… and if these products can help me look a little less tired, more rested, not so bedraggled and clear up some lines that perhaps were left uncared for…I am all too keen to try!

I do tend to have an oily skin and I love that the day cream does not feel heavy on my face at all, but I do think the real test will be in summer for sure. But as it is now, it’s a winner for me. The fragrance is heavenly, I adore that it smells natural, with out smelling “woody” or too “earthy”. Perhaps a fragrance for the future!? Seriously…I would wear that.

Having said that, it is not a heavy smell that lingers… so if you wear perfume, its not going to be clashing!

And FYI – The product does not have an SPF – being all natural, made from botanicals and all…

Keto Fast Track

Who is this… ?

How lucky did I get to try another product to review.

This time it is a supplement to assist in getting you into a state of ketosis… the “holy grail” for those following the Keto way of eating!  Thanks Keto Nutrition

On the tub it clearly states that Fast Track assists “in sustained energy, weight-loss, mental clarity and focus. Best results are when combined with a low carb diet or Keto approach, whether you need to recover from a carb-heavy meal, or want to maximize the impact of your Keto diet plan, supplementing with exogenous BHB is an easy way to fast track ketosis”.

So, why was I all to happy to try this? I am trying to get back onto the wagon and if this gives me the kick in the pants I need, I am all for it!

How am I doing on it, you ask!? Well – I have taken it 4 times. I think for me to give a proper review, a little more time is needed – so watch this space! Starting next week I will take it everyday and see if I feel any real changes. I don’t know where I am going to get my runs in because of the school holidays – but will give it a good bash!

Very importantly how does it taste? It’s not terrible, its not as delicious as it smells. But when I do drink it, I tend to smack it down!


And that folks, is my lot for September!

I am looking forward to a busy, productive and positive October!

My wish is for the sun shine dammit… and the salads fill the belly!!!

Oh yes… and for the running go from strength to strength!


Curvy Runner