This week as been an emotional rollercoaster! Ask any parent who had kids going back to school … whether it was sheer joy of having them out of the house and entertained educated or having to deal with the anxiety of new classes, teachers and such.


Mine was a mixed bag indeed. The night before Georgia was in tears and I think the excitement that had been building over the last week was just too much… she eventually fell asleep on the floor next to my bed.


Connor was all too happy to skip to school on Wednesday morning but he CAME home in tears! You see, the annual sports day is looming. And this is a compulsory event for all Grade 4 to Grade 7 pupils. Connor’s horror is that he is no runner. He plays a good, hard game of rugby, is steady man on the cricket pitch and a strong swimmer. He participates in team sports with enthusiasm but despises running a race, he knows he isn’t strong and the thought of being ridiculed by his peers for coming last is all too much to bear!


So we had an interesting day of parenting and “childing”. My heart broke for him. But these are learning opportunities… its character building, stories of “no true friend will make you feel bad”, “go on my boy and do your best” to “every race has a winner and a loser” There were many more clichés thrown in for good measure! Needless to say he went to bed on Wednesday night with a heavy, sad heart!


Thursday morning he skipped to school again … the entire day I wondered how broken my boy would be when he came home! But to my absolute delight, he was a happy little chappy! He ran.. come somewhere at the back, but what delighted him was a story of a boy losing his shoe while running the sprints! Connor managed to even overtake another runner and “Momma, it wasn’t so bad after all!”




Friday morning the children had to be at school by 7:30, long distance trials. As he left home for school, I reminded him to do his best and enjoy his day! I got his winning smile and a joyful “love you Ma!”


A friend calls me at 8.14am! With the message that Connor ran the 1200m trial race. He came 10th… just missing the qualifying top 8! She said he ran like a champ. While some children just couldn’t make it and pulled out… his big heart and determined nature kept him going and he did himself proud! Thank you to his friend that cheered from the sideline! Oh and did I driz! Enormous tears flooded my eyes and even as I am typing this HOURS later it still catches me out!


He may not be built for running, God knows I am not either! But he bloody did it! I am so immensely proud of this guy of ours!


Next time I am out on a run… I will have to think hard about quitting, think hard about walking.


Coincidently, this mornings run for me was a good one too! We ran at 6:30am and missed the hot sun! Did a 4,6km route in 36 minutes… pace of 7.51per km. Not bad considering there were a couple quick recovery walks thrown in for good measure!


I think Connor and I will have to pat each other on the back this arvy for a job well done!



Curvy Runner