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Ssshhhhhhh Tula Tula – The review!

I absolutely feel this needs to be said…. Full disclosure, a beauty blogger I am not! A little over a month ago I was given little pots of product from Katavi South Africa to try out. The timing could not have been better. See, I have been super slack in the past, not...

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24/7/356 #TheLardMustFall

 52 Weeks ago I started the “#greenlistchallenge” in an attempt to get my head in the game!  Shortly after starting that, I watched a girls story on Instagram.  She was talking about it being “X” amount weeks till Christmas.  And how she was going to commit to good...

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Am I Doing Right By My Kids?

I find myself in a strange place lately. I have several conundrums I need deal with… One being clothing, or in my case, the lack there of!  Style, who am I? Does the way I dress define me? Am I really just a hot mess? and then, what colours should I be wearing? And,...

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Soup to Go!

If you have been following me you will know that along with roasted chicken, this "green soup" is my weekly go to. Its quick and easy to make, keeps well in the fridge for 4-5 days and its a good way of getting in all the veg and some good fats too! This is how I do...

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About me

I am Kelly and welcome to the “writings of this rambling mind of mine!”
The primary purpose of this blog is to keep me honest, give me responsibility and accountability and because I am a visual type, I need to SEE how I am doing. Follow me on Instagram for my daily photographic food diary, Strava to see my activity.

To fully understand the magnitude of this, you need to know that I am 45 year old suburban Momma considered morbidly obese. I live in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. Have 2 children that give my life meaning and add, in the most delightful ways, chaos, noise, love and laughter and just the right amount of madness! I have recently been put on blood pressure meds (wtf right?) I have (un)healthy relationship with food and exercise reluctantly!! Some things just have to change!!!

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