Slog Log – Eeek… Hitting the road for 10km

Last weekend was one of exciting cricket matches, small birthday celebrations, being a spectator for the Peninsular Marathon and yet another Kirstenbosch Summer Concert… with a sprinkling of cake and Gin! What else!   My hubby has a little injury that is causing him...

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Sunday Trots – we laced up for Cancer

  On Saturday John ran the Lion of Africa 21km, this he tells me, is all training for Comrades but because he is training for Comrades (and a bit of a show off… and maybe just an overachiever, ha!) he ran on Friday evening too, just a quick 13km. Oh.. and before work...

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Slog Log – Happy Days

A happier running week by far!  And this is why...   Monday : We walked our normal running route, I was still very apprehensive and the calf muscles still felt a little tight, luckily had no pain or real discomfort… I gingerly did a small run and it felt good!   Got a...

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