It has been a while since I have popped on here. But that doesn’t mean I have been quite. Hardly! It’s just that I haven’t felt that I had anything to say on here

So this will serve as a little catch up. Random snippets of my messy mind, right now! 10 April 2018!


I started January weighing in at 104.1kg today I am 96kg.

On the dot.

And while I am feeling particularly NAFI today. That number still floors me. And let me tell you why! It’s not because I am doing anything outstanding, earth shattering or complex. I am literally cutting carbs and moving my wobbly butt! And to be frank. I am convinced I would have the same results if I didn’t do any exercise. I may just have been a little bit more wobbly! (gulp)


So, if losing weight is a goal for you, then do it!!!

I have said this before… be consistent, every day and your goals will be achieved. What I shove down my face is top of mind and a conscience decision, but it’s not an obsession, it’s become second nature! It takes only a fraction of a second! Banting might not be for you, or Keto, or Weigh-less… find something that works for you. Something that you can do long term and decide that you are important enough and put in that effort! You owe it to you!!!!


I get so pissed off that I waited so long to realise this! And it’s hard! The older you get… so if its something you need to do or want to do… start now! Just bloody do it! (that goes for anything really – want to cut your hair – DO IT! Look for a new job – DO IT! Learn a new skill, start a hobby, walk on the beach, take a nap – JUST DO IT!!!)

I digress – to prove my point follow my Instagram account. I post a food diary every day. There is nothing fancy or complicated about my meals, sure there is loads of repetition, lucky for me I love chicken and eggs…

February 2017 vs February 2018



The Two Oceans Half Marathon has come and gone and while I stand by my decision not to run this year, it was so difficult watching my mates and all the other determined faces run passed me, while I stood like a goof clapping and cheering!

And since the school holidays, my routine is been out of whack so absolutely no running has happened! It all starts again soon. And not only because I need to get moving, I love how I feel once I have done a run, I miss my crew and the hour or so of catch up. I love how that time definitely has a positive affect on my attitude and sets the positive vibe for the rest of the day.


So, if I can pass on one little nugget of advice, find some like minded people. I know for some people it is difficult to reach out, but do it! Find a small group to MOVE WITH, it can be a walk, doesn’t have to be a run, get your heart rate up, chat, share and sweat! It’s a relatively inexpensive and it can absolutely be the best part of your day!

At the finish of the 2018 Peninsula Half Marathon with Caroline and Mel … that smile says it all!



I am keen to sign up for a couple of races – the Slave Run is coming up and I have heard conflicting reports … so do we do the 10km or go large and do the 21km. If you have any thoughts I would be keen to hear them… so share away!!!



Are there any Bloggers, Instagrammers and alike that just knock your socks off! I want to find more people to follow!! Genuine people not slaves to the “brand”!

Now, I get why brands seek out people that have done well, I get product placements but I have to wonder about the integrity of the company/brand/blogger sometimes – I hate the idea of people compromising themselves to make money. Or the idea of someone working their arse, literally, off… for a fabulously designed package to be placed next to that said arse to somehow take some of the credit… understand what I am getting at?


Yoh! I am in a mood today! It may just be this ridiculous headache I have or the fact that my husband has been a way far too long or the fact that I have not run in 10 days… and then there is all the other “life stuff “ that gets slapped on your plate! Fork it! It’s probably a good combination of it all!


Tomorrow I run!




Curvy Runner