Holy Jolly Shizzles!

2019 is coming in at us at a fast pace!

2018 was a challenge like I have never faced before, personally, financially, relationship wise, work wise and physically! But I made it!

I promised myself in 2017 I was not going to set myself up for failure… So while all the other good people of the world made resolutions to give up smoking, get a new job, travel more, be kinder etc., I was determined to learn to whistle. Whistle like the cool kids do…. With a pinky and an index figure in your mouth… I failed! All I can manage is gob all over my hand and I sound like a deflating balloon! It’s a true story!

But while I was trying to learn to whistle I lost some weight, got stronger and wee bit healthier – so you won’t find me complaining too loudly.

So what’s up for me come 2019?

I won’t be focusing on losing weight, well, certainly not for the first quarter of the year! My focus now is the Two Oceans Half Marathon being held over the Easter Weekend! 2018 was dedicated to losing 20kg so that I can run this race! I have managed that, as you know! So now I am focusing on continuing with good nutrition, building core strength and time on the road.

But this is all going to be done in true Kelly fashion, which means that I will not be going overboard, I will continue eating a Keto/Banting diet, I will continue to fast till lunch time, I will do short 5 – 7km runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a longer run over the weekend.

I have signed up for a number of races that will serve this purpose beautifully!

  • Sunday 13th January, 15km Bay to Bay
  • Saturday 19th January, 15km Hohenhort (notoriously hilly… FFS!!)
  • Saturday 2nd February, 10km Spartans Challenge
  • Sunday 17th February, 21km Peninsula Half Marathon


My main man/coach and partner John thoughtfully got me some Pilates classes for Christmas and I am hoping that I will be able to slot in a session on a week day I don’t run. I am working on my posture when I am running, to ensure I don’t get hurt and building core strength, which will mean I will be able to run better and stronger!

I will continue, however, to do my weekly weigh-in and my daily photographic food diary because I will want to keep track of my weight, I will also do my New Year measurements. It will be interesting to see if there are any significant changes in my measurements leading up to up to Oceans – its going to be an interesting experiment!

I won’t be making any promises about times, paces, weight or measurements. I am promising though, to work towards making 2019 a happy year – holistically. I don’t want to be doing anything that is not going to bring me joy. I will be saying “no” more often and I am really going to be working hard on thinking before opening my mouth! That is a challenge all on its own!

I will be looking forward not backwards…who is with me?

What are your aspirations for 2019?


Curvy Runner