We seem to lead a busy life (who doesn’t?!?!), but it’s not normally SO jammed packed! Last weekend was extraordinary!


Connor had cricket practice on Saturday morning and Georgia had a party at the Muizenburg slides (happy kids), at 1:30 we joined some mates for a braai and the kids had an epic play date, fun in the pool, sausages, mielies and ice-cream! Memories are made of these! The parents… well we sat on the veranda and sipped bubbly and G & T. As you do! Sunday we trekked to Paarl and the Spice Route – never been before and it was fab, we did a chocolate tasting, had lunch followed by glorious home made ice-cream! Mwah! Then headed home for an hour or two “quiet” time before heading to Kirstenbosch Gardens to watch Dan Patlansky! What a fabulous treat! We packed a picnic basket and some juices – (no booze, rookie mistake). And then fell into bed at 10ish exhausted! Happy exhausted!


Monday : Needless to say the morning was a struggle in the Taylor household! The kids and I needed a weekend to recover from our, well, weekend! But I scooted them off to school and got dressed to hit the road with my trusted crew!

According to my shiny new Garmin watch, we did a 7,6km route in just over an hour. Turtles wading through peanut butter slow, but I don’ t care! Honestly! I didn’t experience any of the “bad” pain and discomfort! Lol… not that any pain or discomfort is good, mind! Just that it wasn’t going to cause me damage! I am still battling with hills, the burn is something else. But when it gets too intense I walk.. so there!


Tuesday : Day of rest! Well not really, I was running around in the morning, then sat on the sidelines watching cricket from 1:30pm – 6:00pm!


Wednesday : Met the crew and off we trotted, but I decided to do the run in reverse. Its easy to get too used to a route, well for me, and I remember the spots where I walked etc. and it becomes a repeat of the same. Bloody Nora! It was a hot run! But we managed the 7,6km route led by Mel! Her fitness is obviously improving and I was all too grateful to have the “mental pull” from someone in the lead!

I have decided I need to work out how to make little segments on Strava. This way I can compare pieces of my run, day to day… little improvements and a little “self competition” might be all the encouragement I need right now!

The run itself was good, hard in the heat but good! Nothing a dip in a cold pool couldn’t sort out!

Oh and this is silly… with the “burn” I decided to distract myself to run through the pain… so I was singing “I will survive” in my head! My little Ally McBeal moment! (yes… I am that old!)


Thursday : No gym.. but certainly did sweat! I decided my headboard needed a makeover and did some painting!


Friday : Yugggg… tired leg syndrome or is that “shoulda been in bed at 9 –atitus” But we went out and managed a 4km trot! And that will have to be good enough!

Went to my trusted Physio this morning for what I call a “naff maintenance session”. She tells me that they are good to do from time to time. She worked on my calves and hammies. I am feeling all loose and relaxed!


Shu-weee….. Bring on the weekend!






Curvy Runner