Last weekend was one of exciting cricket matches, small birthday celebrations, being a spectator for the
Peninsular Marathon and yet another Kirstenbosch Summer Concert… with a sprinkling of cake and Gin! What else!


My hubby has a little injury that is causing him the most incredible FOMO at the moment. Actually, it’s a horrible injury that could affectively keep him off the road for 3 months, so no Oceans ultra for him… sad sad sad face!, but that didn’t stop him getting up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to support his running crew doing the 42km Marathon from Cape Town to Simons Town. And the 2 blokes that ran did him proud! The conditions were far from perfect, honestly, the wind was manic and every runner and spectator along the way got a proper beach sand exfoliation!


What amazes me every time I am at a race, are the different ages and sizes of the people participating! There were many “curvy runners” on Sunday! This is something that just makes me emotional, like holding back the tears emotional! These guys and gals may be packing on extra kilos but dammit they are strong… mentally and physically. No doubt running lighter would make our journey so much easier and you would be right on the money – knees, feet, ankles, muscles and all the other joints would thank you too.   But they were out there, giving it horns and running… amazing and kudos to every runner.


Now let me chat about age! What the hell man! There were at least 3 over 70+ year old runners and definitely one 80 year old runner that came through while we were at the finish. Dammit man! These old timers (said with a loving heart and in a tone of utter admiration), these old timers ran… a long flipping way… in less that ideal conditions! And they crossed the line. In time. They are absolutely awe inspiring! I have not other words!



Monday : I was perfectly behaved last night, I had 2 real gins, followed by one Duchess Virgin Gin (not too bad) and a tonic water. So, they are all probably loaded with sugar but not more than the choc cake I nibbled on Saturday! (aaaaaahhhhhh guilt is such a heaving burden to carry… so I will leave it on the front verge with the rubbish and wheelie bin… where it belongs!  * I have since realised that Duchess is sugar-free!   Awesome and fantastic!

Mel and I started on our little trot. I have said this before, running is hard, I don’t care what you say, I find this probably the hardest thing ever. But we did our old faithful Constantia Hills Loop at a slow and agonizing pace… (Note to self : Google home remedies for burning, demonic calf muscles ). Then walked a good pace up the Purcell Punisher, and then ran home. This walk seemed to work, I so wish I could wrap my head around why and how!

Needless to say 7km in less than and hour! Not ideal – far from it….



Wednesday : What is there to say… Ran a very slow 4km and then had to walk! It was a rough day and lots of re-learning has to happen quickly if I am going to make a success of this Oceans race! I am determined not to quit!


So stretching is going to be featuring a lot more in my routines from now on!


Thursday : did some “carpet stretch work” and rolling the calf muscles, must say I felt a bit of a tit! Lol… but heyho!


Friday : No running today as I have a 10km planned for tomorrow Saturday! Yikes, don’t think I can run the whole way, that’s not honest at all.. I know I can’t! Ha… but will do my best! Setting out at 6:30, going to beat this nasty sun! But I did go to the gym today to do a little bike work… keep the heart pumping a bit!


Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20



Bloody hell! I seem to be surrounded by really accomplished athletes… and it is so hard not to compare! It’s actually beyond ridiculous really! I have to talk very nicely to myself… constantly! Of course I am going to have issues … why wouldn’t I! I am really really overweight… those pins of mine are doing the best they can! I have to treat them with a little respect, love and care!!


Well then – Getting out of bed on a Saturday morning at 6am is a big chore for me, especially as I won’t need to be speeding off to a Saturday cricket match!  Holding thumbs tomorrow isn’t a waste of sleep!




Curvy Runner