Monday :   After a super “sloth” like Sunday I honestly thought a run would sweat the lazy out of me.   Turns out the universe had other ideas. I having had this niggle for a while. My right leg calf was in agony when I ran, it was something I battled with ages ago. And it was a monster! So stopped the run 2.5km into my route and managed to get an appointment at Physio. The lovely Shannon did some rather “eina” massage and finished off with 4 needles.


Tuesday : Did a bit of stretching and made a quick visit to the gym for 30 minutes on the optical. Doing this, plugged into some cheesy tunes, does make the time go so quickly! I managed to have a look at the new “Pound” class, with bright green drum sticks and loud music! Looks like a fun work out. I look forward to trying this out in about 2-3 weeks time (wink-wink)


Wednesday : Was a slow trot 4km trot. Working off the bruising!!


Thursday : yawn… nothing to report!


Friday : Break up day, meant leisurely coffee and yacks with like minded Mommas…. Preparing myself for Saturday mornings outing.

Saturday : A happy bunch of us tackled Southern Cross Drive again.   I run this girl every night in my dreams! I honestly do, I visualize her! I look at my watch and I count the seconds down to a full minute. This is how I will be running her and the hill in Bishops Court.

It’s so amazing to see the amount of people climbing Southern Cross over the weekend… and already the atmosphere, comradery and “gees” is something very special!  Strangers become motivators and friendly “good mornings” make this old duck’s heart just glad!

We did a full 8km run! And enjoyed a cup of java in celebration!


School holidays and lack of sitters makes running this week a challenge. Along with a burning sensation in my calf, now on the left leg! I am seriously not making this stuff up! Rubbing loads of gel on it and smelling gorgeous at the moment!


But how is this for thinking out of the box?


Since training this week is eeky! A friend and I are planning on marching in the City on Friday, you know… to make a stand against corruption and self serving @ssholes! So we going to find a spot to park and jog to the meeting point!


All of a sudden I am feeling mildly optimistic and not so flat!





Curvy Runner