Monday: Well it is fair to say that I was feeling the 15km run done on Saturday. First to go were the knees… I was at a Water Polo tournament after the run and walking up and down the grandstands made me feel geriatric! Lord knows what I looked like!?   Sunday I moved very little… from the couch to my bed, to the fridge and back to the couch! My quads felt like lead and I was walking like I had a carrot up my bottom! Ha!


I woke up on Monday with good intentions for going for a brisk walk with my crew, life happened and it didn’t quite happen like that. So I went to gym and did a 30 min session on the Optical thingy-me-bob! Actually, that is a lie… I did 20 minutes and the machine said my time was up. So I was obligated to get off! Hee hee…. Anyway, I must say that the legs didn’t feel too bad. And the more I moved the better it felt! Result!


Tuesday: Had a terrible night… had the most bazaar stomach cramps, but did my stretches and fell back in to bed!


Wednesday: I canned the run, still wasn’t feeling 100’s


Thursday: I was feeling much better, so went to gym to get the necessary swipe and decided to run on the treadmill. With the help of some stonking tunes I managed 4km.


Friday:   Was just too much like hard work. I know that I seem to run hot and cold but this is how I feel! Blerg!!!


We have a training run planned with a group of keen peeps for Tuesday the 21st March, being a public holiday we are making hay! The plan is to run from our house up the dreaded Southern Cross, I use the word run loosely! It will definitely be a run/walk. This is a killer hill! 2.6km of torture! I am constantly being told to make friends with hills… it’s a battle. But since this is a huge factor in the Two Oceans it needs to be done! Running is such a mental thing… I have planned for two of my long runs to include this mother hill. So come race day, I should be good.

So I am working on getting my head right!

Send me your positive whammies! Tuesday is going to be a beeeeeg test!





Curvy Runner