Monday : I am mindful that our biggest challenge to date is on Saturday the 11th March. The Constantia Village K-Way 15k Road Race is a fairly flat race that wiggles through Constantia, Tokia and Bergvliet! So, this week we won’t be pushing ourselves too hard! Got to conserve what energy we have! But will be going out!

We did 4km run along a familiar route. At about 3km I got cramp when we stopped to cross the road… I am so pleased, I was able to walk it out and then ran the short distance home!


Tuesday : Continued with some stretching and rolling! It’s an interesting time in the Taylor household! Our Scottie thinks the roller is a toy and as I am using it she tries to bite the thing! Stretching my cold calf muscles fills me with dread! But since this is what I have been told to do I will continue.



Wednesday : Was another short 4km slow run/walk! It was torture actually and I seriously started doubting if this running “thing” was every going to be a good idea!


Thursday : Stretching … yawn


Friday : A walk on the Alphen Greenbelt seemed to be a good idea, I didn’t even want to try run, just wanted to loosen the muscles and get the blood circulating! After a rather “meh” week this did the trick. Followed but a good shot of caffeine at Seattle in Constantia Village! After all,  isn’t this what all woman actually want to do in their “active wear”! Not so ? HA HA HA…


Friday afternoon I set out all my goodies in preparation for the run in the morning! Pinned numbers onto shirts, got all my kit out. Got my juice ready and then the nerves kicked in proper like! VVOOOOOKKKKK!!!!!

Lucky for me, Connor had a cricket match in the evening, it was so exciting and distracted me for a while! Got home at 9ish on a total high and took me ages to eventually fall asleep!


Saturday : 4am I was wide awake! Made myself a cuppa-coffee and prepped my smoothie (cannot eat before a run but I also can’t run further than 10 km without something in my tummy! Chicks!!!!) Made sure that the bowel did its thing (sorry for that TMI… but have to keep it real!)

The lovely Di got to me at 5:20, we fetched Mel and then met Caroline at the Alphen Spar… walked up to the start in the dark!


The atmosphere was something else! I love how you get hundreds of strangers together and the positive vibe is something quite infectious. All the negative thoughts and doubts seemed to dissolve and the nervous giggles and banter was everywhere…   and then we started!

6:15 – hundreds of people in front of me – oceans of them and when I sneaked a look back – the same! It  just made this old farts heart happy! And then something that actually blew my mind! An amazing woman, who turns out to be so inspiring in her own right recognized me on the road! Hi fives all round! Curvy girls and boys making their lives better one step at a time!


Around the 6km mark, I could feel a blister forming on my instep! Seriously pissed me off… so I chose to ignore the discomfort and keep on! I cannot tell you how much gratitude I have for the woman in my life. Di, Mel, Caroline… you girls are nothing short of amazing! Sharon, we missed you lots and next year you will be running with us!

By the time we got to the 12km mark, I was ready to throw myself onto a grassy patch,  I was going to have to push super hard to get the end in my 2hour target! And still had the Ladies Mile road to run! So with loud singing, making up rhymes, whooping and carrying on like a bunch of deranged “wino’s” (I am sure everyone in Bergvliet heard us), we made our way to the finish line, we had to run our flipping hearts out… but we made the 2 hour mark only just! Strava says 1.59.19! I will take that – thank you very much! And … Coke never tasted so good!

How did I feel after the race?!? Exhausted, starving hungry, thirsty and oh- so- righteous!!


Thanks to the VOB Marshals! Thanks to the Feltons for standing on the side of the road for hours waiting for this train of crazy girls. Thanks to the Boenders for waiting for 30min to see me finish! Thanks to my husband who never failed to encourage me and to the girls who ran with me! Thanks to Granny Duck who babysits at the crack of dawn so we can do these silly things!


I honestly am so grateful for the village and my tribe!



Curvy Runner