A happier running week by far!  And this is why…


Monday : We walked our normal running route, I was still very apprehensive and the calf muscles still felt a little tight, luckily had no pain or real discomfort… I gingerly did a small run and it felt good!   Got a thumbs up from the physio to start running again slowly (like I know any other kind of running… true story!)


Tuesday :   No gym this Tuesday!!   Connor had a class outing to Green Point, it was a glorious day so I hitched a ride with a friend and drove into town. Once the kids were handed over the teacher we hit the pavements… I wish I had worn my watch so I could have tracked my steps. We walked for miles and it was just too beautiful! (Note to self : Load the Crew into Tess, my bus, and go for a morning run on the Sea Point Promanade – soon… like on Sunday perhaps!)



Wednesday : Back to running – well some running with equal parts walking. We did a good 3 km run and walked a solid 3km. Happy to say that the legs felt good but I am such a nini. And yes – I probably should be pushing myself a little harder, but if you have ever torn a calf muscle you will know the pain and the unbelievable frustration of not being able to do anything about it! The waiting game for it to heal would be the end of my Oceans target too!


Thursday : I took a trip to my friendly Chiropracter. Now I have never been, had no idea what to expect and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised!  Now, I went because I needed to rule out any other niggles I might have that could be causing my calf issues. I lay on this bazaar bed and J gently worked on me… literally from my toes to my head! Who knew that a little maneuver on my ankles and feet could make me so relaxed! I had a few clicks here and there – nothing unpleasant at all. And after, I sat in my car and felt super relaxed! Like … “I could climb into my little cocoon and snooze” kind of relaxed! So gym went out of the window! Ha!!

Outcome of my visit was all good. Got a thumbs up as there were no major issues. J was super thorough explaining everything he was doing and why… and to be honest he lost me … totally…. I am sure I must have looked like a deer in headlights! But I understood that I had nothing to be concerned about. I need to be aware of my posture and how my feet strike the ground when I run. I have been told  this all before, but was so good to be reminded!

Friday : It is another sublime morning in the burbs! A bit hot…but gorgeous!  We did a slow but respectable 6.1km. I concentrated on placing my feet properly when I was running,! Happy days!

Didn’t want to push too hard because … well, I am loading the Crew into Tess on Sunday you see! We are doing our first 10km. Lace Up for Cancer https://www.facebook.com/laceupforcancer/?ref=page_internal

I think this should be a good starting point. A no pressure, fun filled morning. There should be plenty to distract us from the fact we are running! I am secretly hoping for a cool sea breeze! And since it is a charity run and its our first one together and and and… I will try keep the moaning to a minimum! Holding thumbs!!



Curvy Runner