Well its a “nothing to report” kinda week.


Monday : Walk and physio … resulting in a excruciating massage, if you can call digging a skinny elbow into my meaty calves “massage” oh and dry needles…


Tuesday : Was a gentle session at gym… YAWN….


Wednesday : Another walk… got to listen to the skinny elbow lady!!!


Thursday : Gentle cycle… yawn again….

Then the most frustrating shopping experience of my life, which resulted in a friend travelling to JHB this weekend offering to help me by looking for sports bra’s there… and I finally got in touch with a lady in Tableview that sells imported bra’s… she may or maynot be able to help! Thanks to the Facebook group “Mommy Mall”


Friday : Another session with the skinny- evil- elbow –digging- sadist! And more needles, seriously the weirdest sensation when they “hit the spot”. And now my legs feel tired, and they have a dull ache not unlike toothache!

Best part was the walk in the torrential rain this morning… it was crazy rain… like stinging sore at times but washed some of the grumps away.


Downer moments :

Romany Creams! About 5 of them…

And a baby piece of pizza I served up for “playdate Friday” – seriously… it was dinky!


Wins this week :

The fact that I didn’t eat the entire box of biscuits!

The fabulous walk with a mate, in the rain.

The fact that I have friends that are prepared to go the extra mile for me!

Oh Boy, the rain itself… God knows we need it.

And  tomorrow I get to have a catch-up with a dear friend!

Sometimes all a  curvy girl needs is a girlfriend and a glass of wine!


Happy weekend


Curvy Runner

Thanks Facebook for this image… made me snort!