Monday : Was all about celebrating Mel’s 40th birthday. So we did a sneaky walk down the road to our favourite for breakfast.


Tuesday : Did some stretching and work on the funny roller contraption. Funny thing about this is that after a while, the calf muscles are fatigued like I have been on a run. Hope that means I am doing it right (ha)


Wednesday : No running. Seemed the whole crew were out of sorts. I felt like I was coming down with a bug, was nauseous and no energy! Then sat for hours on a picnic blanket and watched my son and his mate play cricket! Nothing like an afternoon in Fish Hoek to lift the mood!


Thursday : I was feeling rather guilty about the fact that I had done diddly squat this week. So, slapped on the trainers and hit the road for a quick – by my standards- 2km trot around the block. I keep feeling that this is all supposed to get easier! Ha… but John said that it doesn’t get easier, you, apparently, get stronger! Snort!!! Anyway, I jumped into the shower and drove into town for a private bra fitting! More of this to come! I walked out with something that looks like full (boobies) body armour! And I am assured that chafing and super bouncy boobs are a thing of the past! Hooray!


Friday : The usual running crew were not available today… Perfect example of how life just sometimes gets in the way! So I was TOLD my our lovely Caroline to go running! Because if I don’t … I will be feeling terrible and the guilt will sit with me! And she was right! So off I went on my own and did a 3.5km run!


What I learnt ?

My mind is indeed stronger than my legs! I honestly didn’t feel like running at all, but I made myself keep going until I hit the 3km mark… marched up Firgrove Kicker and then ran the rest of the way home. Thanks Caroline for kicking my butt this morning x


If you are going to run on your own, it is best that you are very comfortable with your own company! It was just a 3.5km run… but it’s amazing how much you bloody think about! Crickey!!!


And my new bra, well it fits tight where it should and is as comfy as hell to run in!



And, I need to take a page out of Mel’s book of “How to Celebrate Your Birthday All Week Long!” I should have taken pictures! After a quick shower I jumped into my car and had a fabulous yack, mimosa and coffee and a sneaky slice of chocolate cake and some cream scones! Not every day we get to celebrate a birthday! Thank goodness we work towards the VOB Constantia 15km next Saturday!


And on that note, this weeks eating has been a bit all over the place! More focus and more planning needed! I won’t bore you with details… but I need a little minion in my life right now… to smack the sh!t out of my hand! #TheStruggleIsReal #TrueStory





Curvy Runner