Monday : Was a school holiday… so, no school to scoot the kids too… and that also meant no run for us Momma’s! So I did a little sweat session at gym. Bumped into another mom I know and we had a fab yack! The kids enjoyed a bit of running around in the kiddies section and came out sweaty after doing an obstacle course!

Connor : “Mom, that was such fun, I can definitely do that again!” Good to know, Easter Holidays around the corner!!

Georgia : “hmmm, was fun, but mom! I really don’t like sweating… its just.. well gross” I hear you my girl!


Tuesday : Was the epic Southern Cross Drive trot! Slow and steady – read all about this in my previous post!


Wednesday : We did a 4km recovery walk. I have to say I was feeling surprisingly good after such a hilly run!


Thursday : Turned out to be a momentous admin day! Juggling school extra mural activities and making up rosters for reading groups, organising 11 woman for a fun evening out doing some creative stuff …. And making sure I has my Duchess Virgin Gin for the evening, because I am incapable of having just one glass of wine!!


Friday : Planned a little 7km trot around the hood! And it was a slow and steady slog! I felt “tenderness” in my calves, it started at the back but that seemed to walk out quickly, but continued for a while in the front! Hope that is not the start of something a little more sinister! That would be a *&^%ing disaster!


Got the most fantastic news last night, our very own Jeremy (the only man in our jolly running crew) managed to get his hands on an entry for Oceans… this man is nothing if not tenacious! As Caroline said… we are going to have the most amazing, fun “bus” on this run! You will no doubt hear us before you see us!


All in all… this week has been a little all over the place! Public holidays on a Tuesday cause an almighty brain fart for me! I kept thinking it was Saturday… and then on Wednesday felt like Monday… and Thursday felt like a Friday!


But something super rad came from this week.


The, confirmation, I suppose that these legs, with all the lumps and bumps can go pretty much as far as I push them. They may not be pretty… but hell, they serve their purpose!


Next weeks mission is to get me another pair of running pants! I am going to be fussy! I hate shopping for clothes! It is one of the most depressing things for me to do! Having said that – most of my gear, John buys for me… brings home bags of goodies that I wear! So I am going to pull up my big girl panties… and search for the perfect pair of pants!


It reminds me of something that happened years ago! I was shopping for an outfit for an event. I was in the changing rooms with a range of sizes and as I was jumping and zipping up a pair of trousers “Backtreet Boys” came on the in store radio… the song??

Larger Than Life” no less

Needless to say… I got dressed and handed the items to the assistant and walked out of the store!

Scared for life! Ha!!


Back to running pants… Eeeek… Where to go?!?!




Curvy Runner