I absolutely feel this needs to be said…. Full disclosure, a beauty blogger I am not!

A little over a month ago I was given little pots of product from Katavi South Africa to try out. The timing could not have been better. See, I have been super slack in the past, not only did I neglect my body, my health etc.… my skin was never a top priority either. But slowly I am starting to feel that I deserve to take better care of ALL OF ME… so along with eating well and getting those steps in, a little attention to my face may contribute to me feeling a whole lot better about me!

So happily I skipped into the bathroom to try out my little bundle! (I didn’t skip… the GIF of that would just be hilarious!)

After a week or so of using the products I as gifted a proper size Tula Tula Intensive Night Cream. I have thoroughly enjoyed my new night time routine!

Katavi is made from botanicals, ingredients include, baobab, marula, mongongo, moringa oils as well as Shea butter, grape seed oil and aloe vera! No nasty’s, its cruelty free and if you have the time, make a cup of tea and have a read about how the company started. It’s a heart warming story and I would love to continue to support a company that gives back to the community that helped build the business.

A friendly friend asked me about the costings of the products the other day, and I was rather embarrassed to say that I did not have a clue where it lies in comparison to other products. LBK (Life before Katavi) I was the girl grabbing what was on special at my local Pick n Pay. The night cream sells for R450 (according to their website) for a 50ml bottle…. And doing a quick search on the net I can see that it is not badly priced at all.

I can confidently say a little goes a long way. I love that the cream feels thick and nourishing but does not leave a “layer” of moist gunk on your face (yes, that is an acceptable term used by all the happening beauty bloggers – I did my research!) It smells lovely and “clean” with a hint of fruitiness – but not nearly enough to make you think of cocktails!

I don’t want to make blanket claims that I am looking 10 years younger and that my skin is glowing from within… but I will honestly say that I can see that the condition of my skin looks and feels better. It’s just been a month… I am sure after 2 months the “10 years younger and glowing from within” will apply!


Watch this space!



Curvy Runner