So! Friday was a testy run to say the least… about 2km in I had severe “cramps” that wouldn’t stretch out. Threw my arms up in the air in defeat and walked home.


Saturday and Sunday I was so well behaved. I drank plenty of water, only had 2 boozy bevvies at a friends braai and had a solid nights sleep! Today I woke up with purpose and determination .. HA!!! Such a sodding lie! Woke up miserable, it was humid and all I wanted to do was to stay in bed! Nevertheless, got dressed – sorted the kids out and hit the road at 7:45 with Sharon and Mel. Only to discover my Garmin’s battery was flat! T’was a sign, I tell ya!!


We had our obligatory chat – quick break down of the weekend happenings and proceeded to run up the “Purcell Punisher”. Then once again… 2km in calves were tight/sore/too short! Man alive !! I wish I had the vocabulary to adequately describe pain! I am terrified of tearing my calf! It happened twice last year and it takes WEEKS to heal – something I just don’t have the luxury of right now! So we enjoyed a brisk walk home and continued our chat! Not all lost then !!


Got home and made a quick appointment with my physio. Saw a new girl… and she was lovely! Gave her a quick break down of all that has happened in my rather bumpy running life and off she went! Stretching, poking and prodding my lower legs!

Oh and a minute or so of needles!


Prognoses is that I may or may not have a little calf tear, so I will be avoiding Zumba this week (sad – sad – sad face) in favour of a gentle cycle. I will be doing a very, gentle, flat run on Wednesday and Friday followed by another session of elbow crunching on my already tender calf!   I am hoping that it is just my body reacting to the sudden activity and carb depravation. Holding thumbs.



Oh and a quick reality check!

I have just 12 weeks left till the Two Oceans Half Marathon!!

I have just vomited a little!