If you have been following me, you will know all to well the struggle I have had with finding the right fit! My boobs are enormous! And they are heavy! Along with all the other bits of my body – they jiggle far too much when I run and hence the need for a super-sonic-magnificent-over-shoulder-boulder-holder! It’s as vital to me as a decent pair of trainers! And these beauties don’t come cheap! Either of them! Ha!!


I recently visited a “traveling bra lady” Liza Clifford Professional Bra Fitting Studio. She is based in Durban but they tour! (if you look on her website there is a link to “tour dates” ) Makes these ladies sound like ROCK STARS – and I think they possibly may just be that!


This is no ordinary bra shopping experience. You know when you walk into a retailer, look at the various bras on offer.  You then grab one that looks like it may fit or a bored sales person offers help and between the 2 of you, you manage to see the size on your faded bra label, you then take the same size and squeeze your girls into another ill fitting bra! Which means that your boobs are either oozing out the top or the sides, it’s riding up your back or it’s cutting into your shoulders or if you have very little boobies the cup gapes the padding may be bumpy, or what little you have is made to look even flatter and you feel completely defeated either way!


The selection of beautiful bras I saw was inspiring! For BOTH big and small breasted woman. I am assured that no woman will leave feeling anything but fabulous!


The Shopping Experience

Let me start from the beginning shall I!

You make an appointment for a fitting by calling 086 133 3779 or emailing expert@lizaclifford.com . You pay a booking fee of R350 for an appointment. This comes off the total of your purchase. This booking allows you spend an hour with a professional fitter, Chervelle,  and in this time you get to experience her Rock Star products and service. You are alone, there is no rush, I was measured and fitted with the bra I needed. I walked out with the goofiest grin on my face! It was the most painless bra shopping experience ever! I am 44 years old dammit and bra shopping for me is such a chore!!! This was just something special! I believe their next tour is in May! (Cape Town) And if you have any doubt about your correct size or you are in the market for some fabulous underwear… look no further!


*The appointments are usually conducted in De Waterkant Road. Parking is a mare, so go straight to the Cape Quarter and park there. Wear walking shoes… the little hill to De Waterkant is not Louboutin suitable. And seriously! There are a number of little coffee shops around, so take a girlfriend and soak up the atmosphere!




Test Driving the Beast


Now … Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My new sports bra is not exactly pretty and delicate! It has a job to do and it is custom built for that purpose!   It is like armour plating for boobs! And yet it is surprisingly comfortable!



When I fit bra… I do what I call the jump test… I jump… like a child… and if the girls are too bouncy we have a problem. I then put my shirt on and have a look to see how the boobs sit in the shirt. Do they look like cones? Are they resting under my arms pits (it happens man… for real!)? Are they up at your chin? You- know –what- I-mean!?


The beast’s band fits TIGHT around the “under breast”. The cups cover the entire boob. And the wire goes right around the breast, from the sternum to under my arm and there is no pinching! Its hold everything beautifully. And when I run… there is no extra jiggle! Before I felt like I was constantly having to adjust something… and now.. nothing… once I have got it on I don’t have to fiddle at all! And this is how it is supposed to be! Life changing I tell ya!!  And most importantly it seems that chafe is a thing of the past. No more daily stinging showers for me! A revelation!!


And if you are reading this and you have tiny boobs… you shaking your head now not knowing what the hell I am talking about!!! I have no words for you… and I don’t think we can be friends … at all… ever! HA… Seriously though, go have a look.  Liza Clifford  and her team will change the way you SEE your boobs too.







Curvy Runner