We have all read “you are what you eat.. ”  But how about this?

I saw this bright and early this morning on Abigail K Photography’s Facebook page. She has a lot of good things to say about confidence and this really did strike a cord!


“You are what you think, so choose your thoughts carefully.”


As a curvy runner, I have always felt a bit of a fraud, an imposter even. Running certainly doesn’t come naturally and every time I go out for a run it is just such hard work. Exceptionally hard work. I cannot help but think that if I was a skinny runner I would feel the same. My hubby assures me that it does get easier but I am having a hard time believing him right now. I can only hope that once some of the lard has been shifted, he may be right… so I will see and I wait with great excitement.


Now, I started running because I hated gym, I needed to lose weight (still do) and I needed to get active. See…with running all you need is a pair of takkies and off you go, right?

From your front door.

How easy is that!?

So I started off at “Jog Squad” through a local running club. We did loads of walking and a little bit of jogging… and built up quickly from there. It was a fabulous foundation. But I had several stop-starts. Developed what I thought was shin splints. But it was really “compartment syndrome”. Sounds horrid! It is! And let me assure it is exceptionally painful too. After getting orthotics, proper supportive shoes and hours upon hours of excruciating physio, I was now FINANCIALLY invested too! There was no way I could turn around and say “Nope… not for me, Jammer!”. So we persevere.


Still, it doesn’t mean I “feel “ like a runner.

But I have to think it.

And if I am to be successful, I have to believe it.


If you ever saw the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” you will know who Jordan Belfort is. He said “you have to fake it, till you make it”


Curvy Runner